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KinderMusic Program


Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is extremely important in creating a strong learning foundation during the developmental years of the young child. Our highly structured program addresses the social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development of our students.

The BCCIS Preschool Program (Pre-K and KG-1) is an inclusive program specific to the guidelines of early childhood educations and developmental (ECE/D) practices in North America. We maintain the fundamental practices of the British Columbia education system and prepare our students for successful entry into the B.C. Primary program.


KinderMusik Program

Social-Emotional Development
Healthy social-emotional development includes the ability to form satisfying and positive relationships with others, to exercise self-control, and to experience and navigate a full range of emotions.

Physical Development
Movement builds fine- and gross-motor skills, develops balance and coordination, and primes the brain for learning.

Language and Literacy
Music is a natural vehicle for language acquisition. It’s easy to remember new words when they’re set to music and paired in rhymes.

Creative Development
Kindermusik class is an incubator for creative expression—it’s a place where children are encouraged to be imaginative, uninhibited, and inventive.

In Kindermusik classes, children are introduced to new concepts and topics that help them gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Message from the Director

To our first time parents at BCCIS or returning parents, I would like to “Welcome All” to our early childhood education (E.C.E)  program.
As director of our ECE, I am elated and honored that you have chosen E.C.E at BCCIS as your child’s first steps in life outside of “home”.
In our caring and nurturing environment, the E.C.E creates a comfortable and happy place for preschoolers to learn and grow.  The uniqueness of our program can be found in the quality of day-to-day interactions among children, staff and parents.   Bridging the gap from home to school is guided and paced to your child’s individual needs so a positive self-image is established all the while building on social/emotional, cognitive, language and physical skills.
My passion for early childhood evolved more that 25 years ago in my homeland of Canada and I’ve been so fortunate to educate and carry my leadership roles within Egypt for 18 of those years.  I believe strongly that children should be children and with an inclusive program specific to the guidelines of early childhood education and development (ECE/D) practices in Canada with modifications for (ELL) English language learners, children will thrive developing through our award winning “Creative Curriculum”.
“Play is the highest form of research”…..Albert Einstein
Our play based curriculum known as “The Creative Curriculum” is an emergent approach which promotes interactive learning in specifically designed and organized classrooms where our children and E.C.E. teachers work cooperatively together to foster a ‘Creative Positive Climate’.
“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about”…….Jean Piaget
early childhood (3-5 yrs) (ECE/D) is referred as the foundation stage where   building blocks for future success in education and life skills are initiated and proudly our qualified early childhood teachers and support staff compliment our unique program.  “Learning isn’t just repeating what someone else says; It requires active thinking and experimenting to find out firsthand how things operate and by exploring the world around them using sensory play, our discovery centers , music and movement, interest areas , classroom libraries and simple to complex blocks, cooking, arts and crafts  to create airports/towers, baking gingerbread men and involve important citizens like firemen, doctors, pharmacists, teachers, pilots , police, military etc. Which allows fun with  synthesizing learning and community building enabling this strong foundation.
Program enhancement is continuous and happily during my tenure we’ve  implemented the”Kindermusik” award winning music program during 2015-16 school year which aligns with our ‘music and movement’ category of our curriculum.   We also look forward to the implementation of “art attack” for preschoolers as our “Picasso Day” event proved as such a success.
Parent involvement is crucial for our E.C.E. program and successfully we have assigned calendared days for specific events known as :P.I.D. (Parent Involvement Days) where parents get to come to school and participate in their child’s world away from home…..
Good communication, parent involvement and a developmentally appropriate program enables the “foundation” where success starts and continues….
I look forward to working together with you to enable a smooth transition for your child and continued success.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or email for any further inquiries or assistance.
Appointments for meeting in person are always welcomed…