Our Team

Margaret Elabi

ECE Director


Welcome All!!  As the Director of the Early Childhood Education Department, I look forward to my second year with the BCCIS Team for this coming 2015-2016 school year.  My love for early childhood development began in Canada more than 25 years ago, seventeen of those years have been educating early childhood students in Egypt and Directing over the last five years.  I feel, though childhood development patterns are reasonably universal, every child is unique and has individual potential and will learn differently than their peers.  In my many years of educating this Philosophy has enabled many successful students continue positively and confidently through their formative years and reach their full potential and embark on higher education.   I embrace this wonderful opportunity to continue this journey with our BCCIS Early Childhood students.

Nova Madkour

Director Ast.


Hello everyone.

I’m Nova Beatriz Madkour and have been working with BCCIS ECE for 5 years now. I’m married to an Egyptian and have 2 teenaged children. I moved here in 2001 and had travelled to different places in Egypt which helped me understand its exciting and unique culture.

I’m an Industrial Engineer by profession but moving to Egypt made me decide to change my career.  I got my certificate in teaching Preschool from Montessori. I worked in an American School in Alexandria for 3 years before working with BCCIS.

I always believe teaching young children is a vocation that needs passion and heart.  A vocation which molds them into what and who they will be in the future. These young children’s faces give me happiness every time I look at them.

Jihan Khaled

Pre-K Teacher


My name is Jihan Khaled and this is my sixth year at BCCIS working in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Department.  I am married and have three adorable children who are my pride and joy. I just got my certification in TESOL – ECE this year and it helps me a lot  to understand  how a child  learn, grow and develop using our Creative Curriculum approach.

I am very happy  to be teaching Pre- Kindergarten as I really enjoy this age group. I love being part of their memorable childhood days in school and enjoy watching them grow. It promises to be a Wonderful year!

Glenda Elkholy

Pre-K Teacher


My name is Glenda Elkholy.

I am overjoyed and excited to be embarking on my 7th year at BCCIS.

I was born ,  raised and educated in the Philippines where I received my Early Childhood experience and attended the “CHILD GROWTH CLASS”. My passion for educating young children has flourished with the enrichment of attending workshops and courses which keeps me earnestly seeking the continued lifelong learning that is required to meet our children’s diversities.

I have an invested interest in Egypt…….with my Egyptian spouse and two wonderful children , I have lived and become a part of the culture and heritage that I hold so dear for the past 17 years.

I am definitely anticipating another wonderful Preschool year for 2015-16.

Lamya Abdelazim

KG1 Teacher


Hello, My name is Lamya Abdelazim. I’m thrilled to be joining BCCIS staff this year as a KG1 teacher.

This is my twelfth year teaching and I’m still as inspired as my first year.  After receiving my Bachelor degree in 1999, early childhood became my passion. I’ve attained my TEFL, and continue updating with current early childhood methodologies and areas of this unique age group.  When I am not teaching I enjoy reading, painting and listening to music.

My philosophy is to provide an interesting, challenging, learning environment where my students will flourish socially and academically.

Jehan Halawa

KG1 Teacher


Hello everyone!

My name is Jehan, I am very excited to be teaching for my sixth year as a KG1 teacher in the Early Childhood Department at the British Columbian Canadian International School. I am British with an Egyptian father. I was born, raised and educated in the United Kingdom and moved to Egypt after graduating from London 10 years ago. My teaching experience has been in early childhood education working with kindergarten children.  I’m delighted to be working with children with a diverse cultural background.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy socialising with my friends, reading, travelling and listening to music. My passion for teaching grows more and more each year.

I am very excited to meet my new group of students and look forward to another successful school year!

Suzanne Gamal

KinderMusik Teacher


My name is Suzanne Gamal(Mrs Suzy).

Co-founder of Makan preschool and Makan vacation camps.
Founder of Kindermusik with Suzy in Egypt.
Licensed from kindermusik international since 2010
I am a Telecommunication engineer. I decided to change career as I always had this passion about child’s development.
I Studied Montessori and started my kindermusik with Suzy journey since 2010.
Kindermusik with Suzy is applied now in: lycee francais du Caire,Bccis and Makan preschool and activity center. As well as hosting school trips to enjoy our interactive kindermusik experience.

Sarah Hassan

Arabic Teacher

سارة حسن
مدرسة لغة عربية
خبرة فى التعامل مع الأطفال خصوصاً المرحلة  الأولية ال kg
لدى قناعة تامة بالنظرية التى تقول بأن مرحلة رياض الأطفال هى مرحلة الطفرة اللغوية لأنها المرحلة التي يكتسب فيها الطفل أكبر قدر ممكن من الكلمات
وأسعد لحظات حياتى العملية هى تلك اللحظات التى يخرج الطفل من تحت يدى وقد أصبح الطفل يجيد الحروف ويمييزها دون صعوبة
ولعل حبى للأطفال كان الدافع الذى جعلنى ألتحق بقسم رياض الأطفال اثناء دراستى فى المرحلة الجامعية ولعل حبىهم أيضا هو الذى جعل منى طالبة مميزة بين أقرانى فى الكلية .
باختصار مدرسة تعشق الأطفال

Teacher Assistants

Rasha Nabil

Dalia Hosny

Angie Kadry

Dina Nabil

Ghada Mohamed

Basma Magdy